Kama-no-suke [Kamairicha] 釜の助 50g

Kama-no-suke [Kamairicha] 釜の助 50g
Kama-no-suke [Kamairicha] 釜の助 50g
Kama-no-suke [Kamairicha] 釜の助 50g
Kama-no-suke [Kamairicha] 釜の助 50g
Kama-no-suke [Kamairicha] 釜の助 50g

 Uogashi-Meicha cherishes aroma of tea and made this Kamairicha (Pan-fired green tea) using Benifuki(べにふうき) cultivar.

As Benifuki was originally bred as a black tea cultivar, it has the flower-like aroma and the characteristic astringency. But when made into Kamairicha, the astringency becomes less and the tea turned into a mild taste.

This classic tea made by an ancient method gives a new sensation.


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About Our Tea
Kamairicha (Pan-fired green tea) is a classic tea but the aroma brings a fresh sensation.
Unlike ordinary Japanese green teas, Kamairicha doesn't undergo usual steaming process.
Instead, it is made by pan-firing and rolling the leaves.
In fact, this is the oldest method of manufacturing tea.
The aroma called Kamaka, which means "aroma of the pan", is unique, so you might be hooked on it.
Unopened: 12 months from manufacturing.

Japanese tea is easily influenced by oxygen, humidity, odors, heat and light.
When preserving, put it in an airtight container and keep it in a cool, dry space.
Once the package is opened, we recommend that the tea be consumed preferably within 3 weeks.

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