Koganeko [Konacha] こがね粉 400g

Koganeko [Konacha] こがね粉 400g
Koganeko [Konacha] こがね粉 400g
Koganeko [Konacha] こがね粉 400g
Koganeko [Konacha] こがね粉 400g

If you have delicious Konacha in Sushi restaurant in Ginza or Tsukiji, it must be this one!

Konacha consists of tea buds and small leaves remaining after processing Sencha.


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  • About Konacha
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Konacha is the tea served at sushi restaurants. It consists of the rejected buds and tea""dust"" left over from the processing of sencha and gyokuro. It is reasonably priced and has a strong color, flavor, and aroma.

About Our Tea
In recent years, soluble instant tea is becoming mainstream so the conventional one like our Konacha, which needs to be brewed with a teapot or a strainer, may be outdated.
However, as far as taste is concerned, we can never make a compromise.
Unopened: 12 months from manufacturing.

Japanese tea is easily influenced by oxygen, humidity, odors, heat and light.
When preserving, put it in an airtight container and keep it in a cool, dry space.
Once the package is opened, we recommend that the tea be consumed preferably within 3 weeks.

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